Storm Insurance Claim Update

Storm Insurance Claim Update


July 10, 2012


This is a note to provide you with an update on the status of the insurance claim for the storm damages.


I have received an initial report and settlement offer from the insurance company. Unfortunately the report was in a form that was unusable to be able to not only determine if the offer was fair for the damages that were incurred but it also did not provide any means to be able to determine the extent of the damages to anyone’s individual residence.

During the damage inspection process I repeatedly requested that the adjuster make his report on a unit by unit basis. I was there during the inspections and provided the adjuster with not only my input but also had a contractor there to help facilitate the inspection. The inspections were made on a unit by unit basis and I personally saw the adjuster make his field notes in that manner. When I received his report he had combined all of the exterior damages for each building together into a single report. This made it impossible to determine what the extent of thr damage was to an individual unit. Additionally it was apparent that the tile roofs would only be repaired and not replaced.

After reviewing the report I contacted the company that assumed ownership of the company that manufactured the roof tile. I was informed that the tile had been out of production for many years and that there were no stocks left to be had. I requested and have received correspondence to that fact. I then contacted our agent Chris Graham and informed him of the situation with the roof tile and requested that the insurance adjuster separate the individual units in his report and include replacing the tile roofs as the tile was no longer available and any that might be used to facilitate a repair would not fit properly and would have a different texture and color from those that we currently are using.


As of this date I have not received a revised report from the insurance company or its adjuster, although I and our insurance agent have requested, virtually on a daily basis, the information we need and the inclusion of the tile roofs into the settlement offer. I have also contacted the Association’s attorney to determine the proper course of action in the event we do not receive a resolution to this problem in the very near future.


Many of you have contacted me during the past month or so concerning this insurance issue. As I have explained to everyone it is apparent that the insurance company is planning to include replacing most of the flat roofs over the garage areas. As I stated above they are also planning only to replace individual broken tiles on the remaining roof areas. Their report also indicated that some of the interior sheet rock damages, broken Windows, gutters and skylights would be included in their damage assessment.


I have been promised that I will have in my hand a report that breaks out the individual unit damages by Wednesday, July 11, 2012. I am not holding my breath as they have given me several dates in the past when I would receive the report.


If I do not receive the report by July 13 I will be requesting a meeting of the board to determine a course of action to take in an effort to resolve this situation.


Please be advised that unless there is a significant change in how the insurance company is handling this claim there will probably be additional delays in my being able to receive and disperse funds to an individual homeowner. Please make every effort to do those repairs necessary to protect your property from further damage until this claim situation is resolved.


I will be posting additional information on the Association website as soon as I have any additional pertinent information for you. Additionally if you have returned the property ownership inquiry form with an e-mail address you will receive a notification of any Board of Directors meetings by e-mail. If you did not return the form and wish to do so please contact me and I will provide you with a form. Also any meeting notices will be posted on this website a minimum of 72 hours prior to any board meeting.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Ted Miller Jr.

property manager


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